TK – 300 Super

Product properties

TK-300 Super is an alkaline fragrance detergent for hygienic cleaning of the interior of passenger and freight vehicles. Surface active non-ionic particles, biodegradable over 90%, salts, butoxyethanol2, odor, alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride, phosphorus less than 1%.

The above values are not subject to special specifications, but are obtained with normal tolerances in production.


TK-300 Super is a universal detergent that is successfully used to clean each type of impurities. TK-300 Super is effective in organic inks containing ink, etc. In addition to detergent power, it has the ability to remove odors as well as the hygiene component. It is very easily mixed with water, and mixing can be machine-made or hand-operated using gloves. The TK-300 super has a delayed reaction, so it is recommended that after applying for some time before mechanical action.

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