The company “NOVOHEM” D.O.O. ŠABAC was founded in March 2000, as a multi-owner limited liability company, with the basic objective of producing strategic chemical products which are indispensible components in certain industry branches such as the detergent industry, paint industry, metal-processing industry and other industry branches in which defoamers and silicone emulsions are widely used.

The company “NOVOHEM” D.O.O. ŠABAC is today recognized as one of the leading Serbian companies in the production of foam control agents – defoamers, chemical release agents and lubricants, chemical cleaning agents, automotive cosmetics products, additives for the productions of oils and emulsions in the metal processing industry.

With its organization and operating mode, the company is constantly adapting to the current modern operating modes on the domestic and foreign markets.

With the continual development of its strategic products and their permanent upgrading, as well as with continual quality control and professional training of its employees and investments in laboratory and production capacities and programs, “NOVOHEM” d.o.o. Šabac is gradually acquiring a prestigious position as one of the leading producers of small-tonnage chemicals in Middle and Southeastern Europe.

The company ‘NOVOHEM” D.O.O. ŠABAC, has the following clearly defined vision, mission and goals:


Our vision:
a) To be the leader in the production of small tonnage chemicals in the following areas:
- foam control agents – defoamers
- release agents and lubricants;
- automotive cosmetics;
- cleaning agents;
- additives in the production of oil;
- emulsions in the metal processing industry,
Both in the territory of Serbia and in the region and beyond.

b) To actively develop production processes through the application of new standards, technologies and protective measures, in an environmentally friendly manner, and observing the principles of sustainable growth.

c) To systematically educate personnel and ensure adaptability to the new technologies and the market demands.

d) To ensure a continual development of the company, through constant improvement of management systems and striving towards business excellence.

e) To produce with a high degree of utilization of all its resources,

f) To produce high-quality, standardized and reliable products which will meet all requirements of our customers, and in this way create the conditions to generate additional values for our customers, employees, owners and the entire society.


The company “NOVOHEM” D.O.O. ŠABAC exists for the following purposes:

a) To provide high quality products adapted to the applicable professional standards and criteria of the global market, creating additional values for the owners, employees and the entire society.

b) To produce a high-quality, stable, reliable and fully environmentally safe product, as well as reliable distribution and continuous supply.


The management of “NOVOHEM” d.o.o. ŠABAC has set general (short-term and long-term) goals that include:
* aspects of quality and
* financial aspects
and expresses them as measurable indicators.

The goals are harmonized with the Quality policy, and the starting point for their quantification are results achieved in the previous time period, anticipations for the upcoming time period and the guidelines defined by the Vision of the organization.