Table of industrial products

Industrial products Liquid-emulsion defoamers Powder defoamers Granulated defoamers Compound defoamers Mineral defoamers Silicone emulsions Additives for metal processing
Products Defoamer S-27
Defoamer S-30
Defoamer S-100
Powder defoamer S-17Y Granular defoamer ZG AF 11 Defoamer D-501 Defoamer LP 100 R Silicone EM-20
Silicone EM-50
Woolsil 60
Onda 170
Onda 997
Onda 48/61/R
Short description Silicone defoamers in the form of water emulsions with various concentrations of active matter Powder defoamers Granular defoamers Concentrated silicone defoamers with 100% of active matter Mineral oils-based defoamers with 100% of active matter Silicone water emulsions of various concentrations Additives for the production of oils for metal processing
  • Industrial water systems
  • detergent industry
  • Defoaming of waste leaven
  • Waste waters purification
  • Detergent industry
  • Detergent industry
  • Detergent industry where dosing is conducted by spraying
  • Waste waters purification
  • Paint industry
  • For the release of rubber products from the mould after vulcanization
  • Slip agents in the production of plastic pipes
  • Anti-adhesion in rubber industry
  • Release from the mould in foundry industry
  • Slip agents in the production of socks
  • Oil refineries